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Video Series: Why, God?

Why, God?

- Presented by Ty Gibson

Does My Life Really Matter? - If God is so Good, Why do we suffer?

Ty Gibson

These questions and more are discussed in 8 powerful and compelling presentations presented by international speaker, commentator and author, Ty Gibson.

“The world is in chaos and many people are experiencing uncertainty and fear. Financial problems, Family break downs, Natural disasters and Increasing Crime unrelentingly takes a toll on our lives. Security and real love seem to be impossible to find.

I invite you to come on a journey with me to explore some serious questions concerning the problems and meaning of life. Are there any answers that make sense? I believe that it is not impossible to find a love that lasts forever. So I invite you to join me as we search for why and how this is possible. This series will give you a new perspective and build Confidence, Hope and Love in a seemingly loveless world.”
- Ty Gibson

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Watch online below or order the DVD's ($35 for the series or $5 per presentation).


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