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Adventist Record - January 17, 2015

Pacific Adventist University: The 7% Club | Family celebrates graduation together | Sharing Darwin's doubt  More

Adventist Record - December 20, 2014

Church leaders stand against domestic violence | Church welcomes back breakaway groups | Reclaiming Christmas   More

Adventist Record - December 13, 2014

Made in Russia | Trusting our Almighty God: Going forward in spite of the obstacles | Ellen White as you've never seen her  More

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Signs of the Times

Is God a Delusion?


Nobody has ever seen God. Scientists can’t prove that He exists. So can we really believe in Him? Clifford Goldstein gives an answer to this important question.

The Reason for the Season


The true spirit of Christmas is often lost in commercialisation. Jay Sheen shares some ways you can get that lost spirit back.

27 Ways to Make Your Marriage Happier


Jay Sheen shares tips on how to make sure your marriage brings you and your spouse more delight.