We are a Christian congregation who meet together every Saturday (Sabbath) morning. All visitors are most welcome to join us for our weekly Saturday morning programs.






Adventist Record - November 21, 2015

Facing facts: Understanding domestic violence | Government school students complete Bible courses | Why study ministry and theology?  More

Adventist World - November 14, 2015

Looking for legalism, finding hypocrisy | The power of bread | Did God create dinosaurs?  More

Adventist Record - November 7, 2015

First service held in rebuilt Vanuatu church | Religious freedoms are shrinking worldwide | Moving forward going back  More

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Signs of the Times

Water, Please

482982 waterplease

Does your soul thirst for something you just can’t quite identify? Evidelia Gómez may have the answer.

Burning Hellfire

481551 burninghellfire

Is there really a place especially reserved to burn sinners for all eternity? Shawn Boonstra checks out what the Bible says.

Are You Too Sinful to be Saved?

482973 areyoutoosinfultosave

Some people believe that they are so sinful God couldn’t possibly be interested in saving them. Marvin Moore responds to this fear.

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